Tree Trimming
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Tree Trimming

As a full-service company, we integrate pruning with complementary services for Exceptional landscapes.

As a full-service company, we integrate pruning with complementary services for Exceptional landscapes.

Enhancing All Trees Through Expert Trimming Approaches

Precise Trimming for Prime Appearance and Vigor

We assess deciduous, coniferous, mature, newly planted, and other tree types to determine ideal trimming methods. Strategic pruning enhances structure, form, sunlight access and growth patterns while removing problematic limbs. For homeowners and property managers alike, we develop customized plans to realize the full potential of your trees. Where improperly placed or disproportionate branches undermine a tree’s visual balance, we strategically trim for realignment, eliminating narrow crotch angles to direct growth patterns for stability. Our plan identifies limbs interfering with sight lines or structures for removal. We also clear decaying branches and prune lightly for regeneration, promoting health. Precise trimming enhances the appearance and vigor of trees by directing their growth in healthy patterns while clearing obstructions.

Preventive Pruning to Reduce Risk

Our arborists mitigate safety issues by removing damaged, dying and defective branches that may endanger people or property. We also prune trees located close to buildings and power lines to allow safe, appropriate growth within the space constraints. Preventive trimming reduces storm damage risks as well.

Personalized Plans Reflecting Your Unique Landscape

In developing trimming recommendations, we consider the tree types, their locations, maturity, seasonal needs, nearby vegetation and hardscaping, views, and overall landscape goals. This allows us to specify techniques for the outcomes you wish to achieve through expert pruning.

Our strategic tree trimming services promote vigorous, aesthetically pleasing trees that enhance Twin Cities metro area landscapes.

Leveraging Arborist Credentials, Gear and Methods

Our arborists maintain ISA certifications with continuing education in proper tree care. We use pole saws, pneumatic equipment and other modern gear to reach tall branches without machinery that harms tree health. Customized approaches are aligned to species’ needs and particular growth stages for desired outcomes.

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