Plantings & Softscapes
in St. Louis Park, Minnetonka, & Wayzata, MN

Plantings & Softscapes

Our horticulture experts install beautiful, hardy plants guaranteed to flourish properties.

Our horticulture experts install beautiful, hardy plants guaranteed to flourish properties.

Tailored Planting Plans for Your Landscape

Plant Selections Attuned to Your Setting

Leveraging our deep knowledge of Minnesota growing conditions, we suggest plants acclimated to thrive in your exact environment. With our experience landscaping the region, our team understands how to select plants aligned to the unique solar exposure, drainage, soil type and other factors influencing health and performance in your landscape. We conduct on-site analyses to determine which species will thrive over both the short and long-term given the conditions present. This enables us to create a tailored planting plan showcasing plants hand-picked to flourish beautifully in your environment.

Careful Installation for Optimal Establishment

Our services expand past exceptional plant recommendations to encompass complete planting execution. We amend and prepare planting beds using industry best practices, space specimens appropriately, and utilize techniques that nourish root development. We also furnish attentive watering and care during the establishment window for the highest viability. Our comprehensive planting process gives new greenery an optimal launching pad.

Install plants exquisitely suited to the unique growing conditions across St. Louis Park, Wayzata and Minnetonka – resulting in healthy, thriving landscapes.

Seasonal Planting Services

Our planting services are available throughout the seasons, enabling us to inject fresh annuals, perennials, shrubs and trees as needed to keep your landscape evolving. Installations that refresh your property with seasonal flowers or evergreens for four-season appeal. Consistent enhancement ensures your outdoor environment will continually mature into the landscape of your dreams.

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