Lawn and Landscaping Services
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Lawn and Landscaping Services

Ensuring your lawn and garden not only flourish but also contribute to the ecological well-being of our community.

Ensuring your lawn and garden not only flourish but also contribute to the ecological well-being of our community.

Delivering Creative, Climate-Smart Landscape Solutions

We combine expertise with creative vision to fulfill your exterior space potential.

For over two decades, our team has been enhancing properties through climate-conscious solutions customized for the region’s seasonal changes, soil conditions, sun exposures and other local dynamics. At North Star Lawn and Landscape , we offer services including specialized sod installation to start a flawless lawn; drainage and grading solutions to control moisture issues; mulching for moisture retention and temperature regulation across beds; plantings to establish resilient trees, shrubs and flowers suited for the region; and complete landscape design to unlock each property’s potential. We combine horticultural expertise with creative vision to install and maintain lush, vibrant landscapes that align with our client’s functional needs, aesthetic tastes and environmental values through solutions such as sod cultivation, mulch renewal, drainage improvements, and the addition of climate-appropriate vegetation. 

Landscape Design

Realize the possibilities of your exterior living spaces through North Star Lawn and Landscape ’s complete landscape design and installation services. We tour your property to gain an intimate understanding of your functional lifestyle needs and aesthetic vision. We then incorporate regional climate knowledge, architectural principles and creative ingenuity to recommend solutions using native plants, building materials and fixtures tailored to your unique space. Our full-service process handles every detail from concept drawings to permits to construction to final beautifying touches for holistic exterior transformations.

Sod Installation

Our specialized sod installation services provide instant lawn coverage uniquely customized for Minnesota’s varied climate. We tactfully prepare and amend the topsoil to facilitate healthy root development before selecting hardy, cold-weather grass varieties that resist disease and remain verdant year-round. Our team seamlessly installs the sod pieces, securing tight seams that prevent weed and pest intrusion. We also educate clients on proper watering, mowing, winterization and other care essentials for building a resilient, uniform lawn that flourishes through the seasons.

Drainage & Grading

Left unmanaged, excess moisture causes substantial and costly foundational damage over time due to erosion, flooding and freeze-thaw cycles. Our drainage and grading solutions are specifically engineered to redirect rainwater and snowmelt away from your home, landscapes and other structures on the property through French drains, catch basins, subsurface piping and other systems. We regrade areas prone to pooling and install native ground cover vegetation to bolster soil stability. Prevent destructive runoff and nurture lush gardens with our integrated drainage services.

For homeowners and businesses seeking to boost aesthetics, usage and property value through landscaping tailored to Minnesota’s conditions our consultants are ready to explore your vision.


Maintaining an adequate layer of protective mulch across your property’s gardens and landscaped beds provides vital insulation from temperature extremes, locks in moisture and suppresses weed growth through Minnesota’s challenging seasons. Our mulching services apply regionally sourced organic materials like shredded bark around established plantings, preventing soil depletion while enhancing visual appeal. We recommend optimal mulch types and depths specific to the vegetation on your property for nourished soils and thriving gardens.


Our planting services ensure the trees, flowering perennials, privacy hedges and decorative grasses gracing your landscape withstand Minnesota’s climate pressures to reach their beauty and functional potential. It begins with selecting hardy, low-maintenance varieties suitable for your specific sun exposure, soil chemistry and functionality goals. We then provide ongoing care like strategic pruning for shape, fertilization for vigor, ample watering during dry periods and burlap wrappings to protect specimen trees and shrubs through extreme winters. The outcome is vibrant, resilient vegetation that delivers joy and added property value for years to come.

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