Irrigation Services
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Irrigation Services

Achieve healthy, vibrant landscapes optimized for Minnesota’s climate with our customized irrigation solutions.

Achieve healthy, vibrant landscapes optimized for Minnesota’s climate with our customized irrigation solutions.

Localized Irrigation Systems for Resilient Landscapes

We design precision systems and provide installation and upgrades for maximized efficiency.

Customized irrigation solutions for healthy, vibrant landscapes – that’s what you can rely on from North Star Lawn and Landscape serving communities across St. Louis Park, Minnetonka, Wayzata, MN and the surrounding region. Our expert team assesses each property’s unique moisture conditions, sun exposure, soil variety and other factors to design tailored sprinkler systems using premium rotors, nozzles, valves and smart weather-based controllers to provide optimized precision coverage while maximizing water conservation. We handle complete new automated sprinkler system installations with backflow prevention and trenching services for proper depth, wiring and angling based on the customized designs. We also upgrade outdated existing systems to modernize with pressure regulation, as well as provide prompt repairs for any clogs, breaks or adjustments needed over time. Additional services include seasonal activation in spring with zone testing and calibration, backflow certification along with blowout winterization. 

Sprinkler System Design

The foundation of proper landscape irrigation relies on an efficient sprinkler system distributing customized coverage calibrated to local conditions. We design sprinkler systems specifically for your property’s unique size, shape and plant varieties factoring in soil, sunlight exposure and other microclimate conditions. Our specialized designs deliver precision zoned watering for even distribution to thirsty plants when needed while avoiding waste in established zones.

For sustainable sprinkler solutions focused on achieving perfectly climate-matched irrigation to conserve water across Minnesota’s seasons, trust the expertise of North Star Lawn and Landscape.

Lawn Irrigation in St. Louis Park

Sprinkler System Installation

Our meticulous installation services follow your customized sprinkler system design using the highest quality pipes, valves, heads and smart controllers. We position sprinkler heads strategically based on terrain, plant locations and more for coverage exactly where required for lush growth all year long. The result is automated irrigation nourishing gardens uniformly while conserving supply based on weather changes.

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